Adopt a Highway


In 2007 the Gold Country Flyers were looking for some community service projects. While many discussed the Adopt-a-Highway, Harry Brandt took the project under his wing and made it happen. After Harry came Dick Belden who continues to run the effort. Our clean-up area extends from the "Preston Castle" in Ione to the split of Hwy 104 and Michigan Bar road.  Our highway is approximately three miles and ideally can be picked up with twelve members using two men teams to clean one half mile sections. When each team finishes picking up they bring their collection bags to the "V" of Hwy 104 and Michigan Bar Road. Most one half mile sections can be picked up in 45 minutes or less.



The GCF crew for the May 2012 clean up.


Members who have donated their time and effort....


Levi Miller


Jim Moore


Ed Whittenburg


Norm Smith


Bob Pynenburg

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