Gold Country Flyers

Membership Application

AMA Charter Club #1796

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Please note:

Membership in the AMA is required for club membership.

A FAA Operator's License and TRUST Certification are both required for club membership.

Annual dues -------------------------------------------------------------------------- $50.00

New Member Initiation Fee -------------------------------------------------------- $25.00

Junior Member (18 or younger), no initiation fee, annual dues -------------- $10.00

Note! Renewing members who have not paid their dues by the February meeting will be dropped from the club roster. After that time, the initiation fee plus the annual dues will be required.                      *************************************************************************

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I understand that continued AMA membership and current FAA license and TRUST Certification is a requirement to be a member of the Gold Country Flyers.

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Mail to: Gold Country Flyers, P.O. Box 1972, Sutter Creek, California, 95685