Flight Instructors


Flight Instruction

Flight instruction for Gold Country Flyers members is free of charge. The Gold Country Flyers have adopted a flight training regimen which consists of not only hands on flight instruction, but instruction in matters of safety, pre flight checks for airworthiness, aircraft set up, emergency procedures, and flight line courtesy. This training regimen MUST be used by any member providing instruction. Further, any novice flyer must demonstrate their skills and knowledge to a second instructor before a solo certificate will be granted. A pilot in training can reduce the number of trips to the flying field without flying an airplane by first checking his equipment against our list of guidelines and making any necessary repairs or adjustments BEFORE coming to the field.


 Flight Instruction

Instructors are available usually on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Sometimes, arrangements can be made for instruction on other days. Contact the instructors to make arrangements.

Airplane Instruction

Instructor - Dick Belden
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Instructor - Fred Carter
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Helicopter Instruction

Instructor - Tom Minger
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