Scale Fly In


Our annual Scale Fly In put together by Mike Belmont with food by Master Chef Alan Ross. Lotsa airplanes and a good time was had by all.


Mike Belmont


Mike's GeeBee with Bill Boland holding

Great landing approach.

Standard GeeBee landing.


Dale Cantando

Dale's big Beechcraft.

A ground loop on take off did the AT-6 in.


John Stoney

John Stoney's Eindecker. Saito three cylinder four stroke radial engine, Futaba radio.


Alan Ross

Alan's electric Me-262

Alan's T-28


Jon Wilson

Jon's electric Cessna 310.with electric retracts.


Jerry Davis

Jerry's Hangar Nine P-51

Dave Hand


Bill Boland

This used to be a Dr-1 Triplane



No scale fly in is complete without a Piper Cub

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