Fun Fly 2002

On June 15 Scott and Barb Backen put on the Spring CGF Fun fly. This well received event had no entry fee, some great trophies made by Barb and Scott, and free food prepared by none other that renowned Chef Harry Brandt. If that wasn't enough, the weather was excellent, especially with the new shade structures providing protection from the sun. As with most fun fly's the events were challenging and winning was more a matter of luck than skill. There were 12 pilots flying and another twenty or so people cheering and jeering. DON'T MISS THE NEXT ONE BEING PLANNED FOR SOMETIME THIS FALL!!!

The final results had Tom Minger first, Milt Bender second and Mike Martinelli third.
Some of the contestants awaiting their turn to fly.
A line up of the planes used. There was everything there from Fun Fly specialty planes to trainers.

Saul Purcell getting ready for the crap shoot event.


An overview of the Fun Fly. Everyone helping each other; everyone having a great time.

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