Work Party Saturday,

March 12, 2005

On Saturday, 12 March about twenty five members pitched in to get our field spruced up for the 2005 season. As you can see from the pictures, the ol' place cleans up pretty good. Still to go are some more gravel for the parking lot, disking the non-mowed areas, and maybe a new out house. Your dues dollars at work.               Pictures by Mike Belmont........

Hanna giving directions to Alan Ross and Harry Brandt
The North end fence being moved out so that big wing span model will fit through the opening.
The parking lot gravel being tamped. Others are working on the two new fence styles.
Work going on hot and heavy. All those tools you buy, "just in case you need to do something away from the house" got used on this day.
Note the closely mowed grass (er, weeds) and the new pilot's stations painted thereon.
Work ..... Work ..... Work.... Work
More Work.................
Starting to take shape. Note the grass (er, weeds) are mowed all the way out to the fence line. Even Dick thomas can hit this runway........:-)
Close to being done. Note the guys that are in training for CALTRANS jobs.
Hey ...... we couldda stayed home and done this.
Looking good...........
Carrying the North end style to installation. No more trying to figure out how to squeeze through the barbed wire.
All of the start up stands got overhauled.
How many GCF's does it take to install a fence style????
While the field work was in progress, the salamander counters were doing their thing in the field adjacent to ours. Here, Alan Ross offers his Makita to help unscrew the pole which had gotten inserted into one of the shrimp/salamander counters. Apparently this unfortunate accident occurred when he slipped and fell after stepping on to one of the critters he was counting.....
Here Alan Ross is making a style "kit" for the South end of the runway. It IS a myth that he can only build ARF's.............

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